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Freeze-Dried Raw Treats

Welcome to the world of Wholesome Whiskers Treats, where we're all about bringing smiles and wagging tails to your furry family members! Our treats are not just treats – they're a blend of love, nutrition, and pure delight.

Why do we focus on RAW and Freeze-Dried? Well, it's simple: we want to give your pets the best of both worlds. Imagine treats that stay fresh for longer while keeping all the amazing nutrients and vitamins intact. That's exactly what our RAW and Freeze-Dried methods do – they're like a magic spell that locks in goodness!

You know what's even better? Our treats come in these cute, bite-sized pieces that are perfect for training sessions. Teaching your pet new tricks or simply appreciating their good behavior has never been this easy and fun. These little bites of joy will have tails wagging and hearts melting.

We get it – your pet isn't just an animal; they're a part of your family. That's why Wholesome Whiskers Treats are crafted with utmost care and attention. We're all about making tails wag, hearts flutter, and pets happy. So go ahead, choose treats that are as full of love as your pet is. Join us in creating moments of pure happiness, one delicious RAW and Freeze-Dried treat at a time.



Novel Proteins

We source for a variety of novel proteins that helps with allergy management, balanced nutrition and healthy digestion.

Novel proteins and offal are in our treats section - served in cute cube size perfect for training and pampering!

Find out more what are novel proteins and why are they so important for your pets!

Novel Proteins

Novel proteins in your pets' diet, such as duck or rabbit, offer diverse benefits. Ideal for sensitive pets, they lower the risk of triggering allergies, supporting digestion and overall health effectively.

Single RAW Ingredients

Focusing on what nature intended, our treats are focused on single ingredients, without the nasties and harmful fillers. Just 100% healthy wholesome goodness.


Freeze drying is a boon for pet treats. It retains vital nutrients, ensuring treat benefits. Shelf life is naturally extended, allowing convenient rewards. Flavors and textures remain intact, ensuring consistent quality.

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